ECO Friendly Garden Decking

Wood as a Natural Resource

We have all heard about the destruction of our rain forests and the damaging effect this destruction is having on our global environment. This destruction is proportional to the human requirement for natural wood. If you choose composite decking for your next garden decking project you will reduce the need for natural wood as composite decking is made from existing recycled wood. Not only do you save a natural resource, but you also create a need for people to collect wood waste.

Plastic Pollution in our Oceans

The composite used for WPC decking also contains recycled plastic hence the term Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). By choosing to use composite decking for your next garden deck project you are also choosing to help by creating a need for recycled plastic which will be collected as a resource from our oceans.

Composite Decking helps save both our rain-forests and our oceans. Make your next choice an ECO friendly one by choosing WPC decking for your garden decking project.