Advantages of Composite Decking

Absolute Minimum Maintenance

The main advantage of composite decking over natural wood decking is low maintenance. A garden deck constructed from composite decking will almost certainly out-last a deck made from natural wood. The life of a natural wood deck can be extended by treating it with various chemicals / preservatives over its life time. A natural wood deck will also require re-varnishing / oiling or painting to maintain its look, none of which is required by a deck made from composite decking.

  1. Low Maintenance - Composite decking will maintain its look and structure without the need for chemical preservatives, oiling or painting.
  2. Cheaper Long Term - The cost of maintaining a natural wood deck over the life-time of a composite deck tends to be more than than the initial cost of the same deck constructed with composite decking boards.
  3. Resistant to Rot & Infestation - Composite decking is formed from a wood / plastic composite that is resistant to rot and does not attract bugs or insect infestations. Even though the composite contains wood flour chemical additives remove any attraction to insects or their larvae.
  4. Resistant to Rot & Splitting - While composite decking will absorb some moisture due to its wood flour content, any swelling or bulging is constrained within the structure by providing internal hollows that relieve internal pressure and maintain a flat even surface.
The cost of maintaining a wooden garden deck over its life-span is generally more that the total cost of a comparative composite deck over the same period.